Winter Mini Challenge 2020/21

Winter Mini Challenge

Felling Volunteer Library were pleased to have been chosen by The Reading Agency to be part of The Winter Mini Challenge in partner with Knights Of children’s publishers.The Mini Challenge is to encourage children to read any three books during the winter months and then rate and review them online at the website  Each book pack contained a child’s book, a book for adult readers and snack items.

We had arranged a book giveaway at the Library, but only a few days before the Event the NHS chose the building for Felling Volunteer Library as it’s Covid-19 Vaccination Centre.

Undeterred, we immediately contacted local schools Falla Park Community Primary, The Drive Community Primary and Brandling Primary  to ensure that the children would receive their books before the Christmas break, even if this couldn’t be directly from the Library.

Head Teachers were grateful for our book packs and happy to distribute them to their pupils.  We were able to deliver the book packs to the schools for them give out.

Pupils were delighted to receive their book gift packs as part of the Holiday break just before Christmas.

We also were able to donate snack items from the leftover packs to Felling Food Network who kindly included our compliments slip with each package.

Our few leftover books will be given away as part of our future plans for a Community Event, following Government guidelines.